Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It was a wonderful 5years with You!! and still counting!!!

I remember 5years ago, we were sitting at Baywalk in Roxas Boulevard. That was the night that changed one part of my life to something new and exciting everyday. For those who missed that post you can check it here. Last September 14, we celebrated our 5th year anniversary!!! woootwooot....Happy 5th yr to us!!! We were so thankful to the Lord because He's there to guide us everyday in our relationship. we strongly believe that it is because of Him why we reached this far and will reach more years to come!

Since it was a Wednesday and a day before payroll :-) we just had a simple celebration.We went to SM Manila,had dinner at Classic Savory, what was good about it was, we are looking for a place where we can eat but also will fit our budget....hahahah budget is only P500. So when we were walking the mall and looking for restaurant to eat, we passed thru Classic Savory, we've checked their menu and we saw a very affordable meal that really fits our budget :-) so we decided to eat there.

mouth watering combo meal :-) yummy
Honey ready to fight...hahaha
I was on a diet really...hahaha but not at that time :-)
After eating our dinner, we watched a movie....but again we were on a tight budget, so we watched the P25 movie....hahahaha see we enjoyed the night without spending too much :-)

Nothing more I can share, like I said it was a simple celebration and it was just as simple as that.

Oh wait let me share with you his message for me thru facebook wall, and I quote:

"Happy Aniversary din say0. Mahal na Mahal din kta. Pasensya n din kung wla ak0 masyad0ng naibbgay sy0 ha. And tenk u din dat in tyms in need u r stil der 4 me. I pray n kpg mgksma n ty0 ay ganit0 p dn ang pagtingin ntin s isa't isa. Ung tip0ng araw araw e mahal natin ang isa't isa. Na kht may prblema e bukas ang icp natin na nagkkaunawaan at handang magpasensya. Masayang masaya ak0 sa ilang ta0n na nagkasama tay0. Let us c0ntinue t0 pray t0 God and thank him sa l0ve and strength nya sa atin. Pagpalain ng Lord ang relati0nship natin sa isa't isa at s knya. il0vey0us0much h0neyc0h muah MUAH Muahugz! Hapi Anniversary!"

I'm just so in love right now *blushing*


Sey said...

it doesn't matter if it's that simple. As importante dun ay ang love for each other. Your honey is so sweet. You're one lucky girl. Happy Anniversary sa inyong dalawa.

mayen said...

awww.. Happy anniversary guys! I can feel the love emanating from my computer screen. Jed and I are also thingking of going out with P500 as budget. haha.. we call it our 500 pesos date challenge.. haha..

Anyway, I know you guys will share a lifetime, you two are so in-love with each other and his message, OMG! Super nakakakilig.

I also like the fact that you give all the credit to God for reaching this far together. We also practice the same. I'm so happy for you. Stay in-love! :)

pinoy wit said...

Goes to show you can have a great night with so little as long as you have that special person around. Congrats!

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