Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our newest discovery: CHICKCHAT!!

The date I can't remember, all I recall was that we were at SM Manila, ready to go home and suddenly this colorful stall caught my attention.

I thought that this was just a yogurt corner something like Tutti Frutti and the likes, to my surprise it was a food chain, a new food chain and its name is CHICK CHAT! We were so curious what this food chain can offer to their customers, so we decided to try it and had our dinner there.

Upon entering the place, your eyes will be entertained by the cool colors and drawings on the walls and tables. The color combination used were so nice, the ambiance is great.
So you may ask what's so unique or what's new menu that you can order at Chickchat, well for their specialty, we have tried their Cereal Chicken...yup you read it right, Cereal Chicken it's a fried chicken and instead of bread crumbs, it was coated with Cerals...yummy!! And their rice is Hainanese (don't know if I spelled it correctly) which is UNLIMITED!!! 
Thumbs up for that!! We knew that they just opened 4months ago and they only have one branch which was located at the 2nd floor of SM Manila. And they are open for franchising :-)

Try it for yourself!!


Sey said...

i thought ChickChat is a chat site or forum, food chain pala. hehe! Pag naligay ako sa Manila try ko. Kakaibang chicken nga yan. Favorite ko pa naman chicken.

mayen said...

aww sounds great and the place looks nice and clean. :)

nash :-) said...

Sey - hahaha akala ko nga desserts lang ang meron sila :-) teka taga saan ka nga ba?? hehehe kpg naligaw ka dito sa manila let me know :-)

Mayen - aba mukang hndi ka busy with jed girl ah...hehehe try nyo din jan

hmmm wait girls, I've known you for a while dito sa blog, but are we friends na sa FB??? hehehe

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