Thursday, January 26, 2012

Katy Perry Experience: California Dream Tour

Happy New Year everyone!!! I missed you all....hahahah well this is my come back post :-)

To start with, I'm very much excited to share with you guys the experience we had during Katy Perry's concert here in Manila.

I am not really an avid fan of Katy Pery though I have some of her popular songs on my iphone. I didn't even knew that she will be coming over here in Manila until my sister asked me last Saturday night if we want to go to Katy Perry's concert, then I said "Yes sure", that's the only time I knew that the concert is the next day already...hahahaha. Manila was the last leg of her "California Dream Tour" they went to over 125 countries.

We then got the tickets last Sunday afternoon, good thing was the tickets were given to her for free, but she can't come so she just gave it to me, all 3 of it. So excited when I finally got the tickets.

FREE tickets!!
After I got the tickets, me and Tonzi went straight to MOA because we knew that it's going to be traffic if we go there a little late. So we arrived at the venue at 4pm...hahaha you think it was too early right??? but when we finally reached the gate we were surprised that the line was very long already...good thing when we got inside there are still available seats near the boundary of Titanium and Gold seats, that's one of the best spot already, but still far from the stage, still can't see Katy ;-)

those people in font of the line arrived 1pm...OMG!!!
view from our seat

us waiting :-)
The concert should start by 8pm, so when it's getting darker the people are getting more excited to see Katy up on stage. It's getting late but Katy is still not showing, until we noticed that one of the main camera was not working so some of the staffs are fixing it. To cut it short, the show starts by 10pm....that was really a loooong wait, and we are starving to death, because the line to the food stalls were long also by the time Tonzi was at the front, their supply was out of stock already...nice huh? All we ate for dinner was an Apple pie and water...hahaha that was really a piece of sacrifice.

By the time the curtains went up and the AVP starts playing, people started to scream their heart out and stand on top of their chairs, so we have no choice but to do the same...hehehe

Sorry I do not have pictures during the concert, I do have videos but can't upload it's too heavy. Well I can say that the show is worth the wait. It finished by 12am but still people are wide awake and still up with energy.

Congartulations Katy!!! 


mayen said...

hi nash.. I missed you too hun. How are you. I'm good and happy by the way.

I love some of katy Perry's songs and I wish I was able to watch the concern. Geess, you're lucky to have free tickets.

Awww, that was a long wait and truly a sacrifice. But i'm glad you and tonzi enjoyed the show.

are you officially back on blogging or just sneaking? hehe.. I just missed you, that's all. :)

Sey said...

Hey Nash, where have you been? It's been a long while and we really missed you. Hope you're back for good. To busy eh? Yeah, let's blame it on the busy life. hahaha.

You're so lucky you got 3 tickets for free. I would love to watch a concert and I added it on my list though I am not a fan of long lines. I'm sorry to hear that you only had pie for dinner but I bet the experience would suffice.

nash :-) said...

Mayen and Sey - thanks for dropping by girls...hahaha sorry for being gone for sometime, it was nice to know that you missed me and my posts *touch* hahaha

that concert was really worth the wait...

I'll try to be back for good :-)

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