Thursday, June 27, 2013

The New Chapter of Our Love Story

I don't know how to start this post, I am just so excited to share with you guys the moment that we have been waiting for so long , our wedding. I know its been 4 months since our wedding and its been a year since my last blogpost, I wasn't able to tell you every details of our preparations, but nothing to worry 'coz I'm about to share with you the best part of it :)

February 16, 2013, the day when I can't explain the excitement I am feeling inside. I felt like I don't have enough sleep but my energy was too high. At 8am I am already awake and waiting for the delivery of our souvenirs and flowers, we stayed at Great Eastern Hotel the night before our wedding. We had our breakfast and then our make up artist and photographers arrived to start the wedding preps, I think videos will be the best story teller rather than this paragraphs :-)

And here's a snapshot of our wonderful venue at Casa Espanol Garden Wedding at Mindanao Avenue Quezon City, together with our wedding cake baked by Ms. Hazel Ronquillo. Our color motif were blue and yellow. And along the hallways and around the venue we put meanings of Love as described in the bible.

The ceremony starts around 4:30 in the afternoon, and during the bridal march, my hubby serenade me with the song of Nyoy Volante entitled "Kapiling"....I really had a hard time not to cry because my make up might got messed, but thankful that it didn't even if I cried a lot during the ceremony hahahah.

The message shared to us by our pastor and my kuya was so inspiring, I can see in the video that all of our guests were attentive and really listening to the message. And after that time for our exchange of vows....again I cried, what do you expect I am a cry baby hahaha. The rest of the program follow, but there is one thing that we customized, the Lighting of Unity candle, since our venue was outdoor we thought that the wind might just blew the light on the candles so we thought of doing Sand Mixing instead. The white represents Jesus, the yellow sand represents me and the blue one represents him. Mixing of two colors of sands means that we are now united, but still the colors remains the same, meaning even if we are united our own identity, attitudes, characters remains the same :-)

And now the best part is the "You may now kiss the bride" part, the part f the program that everyone is waiting for, including me hahahaha. And picture taking of course.

Around 6pm the we started with our Reception program, the foods served were deliciously cooked, and we had so much fun on our program. Thanks to all who have helped us :-) Here are some of the highlights of our reception program.

Thats all guys, thank you for your time reading and watching our wedding videos.

Will work on my next post, our wonderful vacation in Palawan :-)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Two Families binded by Love!!

After telling to my parents our plan of getting married, we also set a date when Tonzi and his family will go to our house to formalized and to plan the details of our weddimg. Last Monday was my Honey's birthday, and this day was also one of the most important day for the two of us, wanna know why?? Because it was the day when our parents finally met each other...hahahah finally!! Yes you are right, for almost 5yrs we are together our parents haven't met each other yet....hahaha because Tonzi and I are total strangers before and so as our families, and there's no chance for them to meet during occassions. They went to our house to do the "Pamamanhikan" together with his whole family, we had dinner after they are being acquainted to each other. My Lolo was also there who came all the way from Nueva Ecija just to meet my future in-laws.
From left to right: Papa, Tita Matty (tonzi's mom) Biboy, Jr (his brothers) Tita Susan (his aunt) Arliza (his sister), Tonzi and my Lolo

Tonzi's tatay in green shirt; my papa in white

dinner time: Jr, Arliza, Me, Mama, Tita Matty, Tita Susan, Lola, Tonzi and Laveena (his cute niece)
It was nice to see our families having bonding time, telling their thoughts about the two of us, how they really love us and how happy they are that we finally decided to get married. It was one of the precious moments that I will forever treasure. Although we were not able to discuss the plan for the wedding because they were busy eating and knowing each other, it was still a fun-filled night. This is just the first time and many more gatherings will happen in the future.

The dishes that they cooked and brought was very delightful. We loved the foods so much especially my Papa whose hobby is eating :-) Mama also praised them for this kind of menus, she also love cooking, so I think cooking will be one of their bonding in the future.

Thank you Lord for our ever loving and supportive families. This two families will soon become one in 7months time :-)

Friday, July 20, 2012

One Step the Big Day!!

This post is going to be short and simple. I just want to share how happy I am last Wed night. I guess you all know that I am engaged for almost a year and a half now. Though we are already looking for some venues, and attending some wedding fairs, we actually do not have the exact date yet of our big day. This is because we do not formally asked our parents permission and blessing yet.

But last Wednesday, me and my honey decided to finally talk to my parents and ask for their permission and blessing for us to finally get married....and of course they said YES!!! Well we don't expect No for an answer...hahahah it was a fun conversation although at first Tonzi is quite nervous, but when my Papa started to cracked jokes and punchlines he felt more relaxed.
my honey bravely asked for my parents permission and blessing
So finally, we have put date on our big day and it will be on February 16, 2013. Now we can finally continue to do our planning because we already have their blessing.

God is the one writing our love story and truly I am loving it!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Friday Movie Date

It was such a pleasure being a Nuffnanger, why because you get to meet friendly blogger, you can get invited to special events, and you can win Free movie ticket just like me :-) If I remember it right it was my 2nd time to win free movie tickets from Nuffnang and their sponsors.

Let's admit all of us girls when we were young were fans of those Fairy tales, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping beauty to name a few. So when I saw the trailer of this movie for the first time I told Tonzi that we need to watch that movie, so I grab the opportunity when I saw the contest of Nuffnang, I joined and I won!!! Yey! Last Friday June 1, I was on leave, one reason was that I need to use up my leave credits but aside to that I am also going to the free movie screening (yes you read it right it was free) of Snow White and the Huntsman. 

Since I was on leave and it was Tonzi's rest day we have the luxury of time to bond with each other, quality time is what I miss, because with his schedule right now we only see once a week during his rest day, but we never forget to call and text each other everyday so it can suffice the days we don't see each other.

us while waiting
The free movie screening was held at Shang was our first time to watch there, it was like Ayala malls, event registration started around 8pm and the movie started at 9:30 I think, it was so nice to see Sarj and her husband Reil. Also I was so glad that I've met new blogger friends, Vance Madrid and Richard Mamuyac, though I see some familiar faces I don't have the guts to approach them....hahahaha can't believe I'm too shy.

tonzi, me, sarj and reil
tonzi, me, sarj, vance and her mom :-)
getting ready for the movie
We were so glad that the seats we've chosen was at the center of the cinema. The movie was really great, the traditional story of Snow white was there but there's a twist and added characters like the Huntsman, it was not mentioned on the old fairy tale that there was a huntsman to search for snow white.

Another great movie screening from Nuffnang and Skin White, aside to the free movie they have given us awesome products to try the Skin White Face Cream Powder and the Skin White lotion. Thanks to Sarj as well for the photos...hahahah

Quality time achieved!! Will wait for another free movie screening :-)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Day to Forever

A very special friend of mine celebrated her birthday last Sat, but it wasn't only her birthday the we celebrated, because it was also her BIG DAY!!! We've known each other since highschool but we have different sets of friends by then. We then go to same university and eventually became classmate from 1st to 4th year, this time we are really like sisters. We became so close that she was my thesis partner, I used to sleep over at their house and we used to sleep at the same bed squeezing ourselves, hahahah....can't forget those days....but as much as possible I don't want to think nor talked about it hahahaha that was one of the real struggle during my college days.

Enough of those college talks, we're both working now and I can say we're at legal age to get married, I guess...hahahah. I somehow know their love story and I've also know MJ, her husband, since then. That's why I am really happy for them when I heard the news that they are getting married, thought that I will be the first to wear that wedding dress...hahahaha but it's ok with me of course anyway I'm still young (ehem).

So last Sat was her wedding day at the same time birthday, but everybody is focused on the wedding that nobody or just a few greeted her during the progran and we didn't even sing birthday song. It was held at Kowloon House in Quezon City. The color motiff was Royal Blue....hmmm I remember I also think of this color to be our motiff. It was a christian wedding so the ceremony was held at the same venue.

It was past 6 when the ceremony start, as the music starts playing the bridal entourage starts to walk in the aisle. Everybody is wearing their best and smiling at the camera. And finally it's time to see the lady of the hour on her beautiful wedding dress. It was wonderful, the design of her gown was simple yet elegant looking and a little conservative since it is 3/4 sleeve although it's a see thru-laced sleeve.

She was stunning like a fairy, her make up was so natural, and MJ I can feel that he is nervous from where he is, mix emotion I must say, nervous and excited. I saw him before the ceremony startI and he was so busy polishing the program and making sure everything will be on its proper place while waiting for his bride, that was so sweet!

So sorry guys I didn't managed to capture the "you may now kiss the bride" moment hahaha so above is the traditional money dance, since they plan to go to Singapore after their wedding and look for a job there, they need monetary support instead of those appliances and stuffs like that. The food was excellent that there's almost no left over in our table so again no pictures at all busy eating ' was a simple program but not like a traditional one, her bouquet was not thrown away to all the single ladies, instead it was given to her maid of honor, Alps.

It was a fun-filled night and love is really in the air. Of course we will not let this moment pass not having a photobooth souvenir, hahahaha I'm just a picture addict.

Let God continue to be the center of your relationship Len and MJ, we were so blessed by your love story, another proof that our God is indeed a romantic God that He writes the sweetest and the most romantic love story for all of us. All the best to both of you...Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!!!
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