Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Sweet Beginning

So allow me to continue our God-written-love story, after months of being prayer partner, we felt that we are both special for each other, during those time I was reading some books about love and relationships, though I am not looking for a boyfriend that time. At church we were able to attend "True love Waits" seminar, learned a lot from that seminar and one of the things I've learned there is to write to your husband-to-be, weird right??? how can you write a letter to someone you don't know? I felt like I am crazy talking to someone who doesn't exist...but I continue doing it because somehow I felt like I'm in a virtual or imaginary relationship, hahaha.

During my graduation Tonzi went to our house to personally congratulate me, extra efforts huh?! Then after a week or month, he finally admits to himself that he likes me, hahaha can't hide it anymore :-) So he formally went to our house and talked to my papa to formally court me *blushing* during the courtship days I felt like I'm a princess, he showed me how he loves me, he even accompany me during the time that I am looking for a job, since I'm not so familiar with Makati. Sorry can't tell every details here, I might be able to write a short book if I write every single details.

After 3 to 4 months of courting, one night I asked him to go out c0z I've important thing to tell him. We went to Baywalk and talk, we were so happy that time because we haven't seen each other for almost a month because he was busy with their recording for their album "Ana loves Sundays", we chat, laugh out loud, then he asked me what is it that I'm going to tell him??? Don't know how to say it, I was thinking of a nice and creative way of saying it, then it came out from my mouth, I told him "from now on, you can stop courting me..." and his face was like crying, he was happy but after I utter that phrase, I can't paint his face anymore...then I continue, " can stop courting me because from now on I will be your girlfriend" *blushing*  he was so surprised to what I just told him, I even slap him on the face to tell him that it's for real, he's not dreaming...hahahah

September 14, 2006, that was the day when we finally knew that we were meant for each other, and it was God who wrote our love story. From that day on, we hold on to the Lord's gift to us. We make sure that we make Him the center of our relationship, so that whatever struggles, obstacles, that our relationship have to pass through, we firmly believe that God will help us to overcome those things.


Mhar's Display said...

Awww,what a wonderful love story.


nash :-) said...

hi marms, thanks for dropping by my blog :-) and thanks for liking our love story

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