Thursday, June 27, 2013

The New Chapter of Our Love Story

I don't know how to start this post, I am just so excited to share with you guys the moment that we have been waiting for so long , our wedding. I know its been 4 months since our wedding and its been a year since my last blogpost, I wasn't able to tell you every details of our preparations, but nothing to worry 'coz I'm about to share with you the best part of it :)

February 16, 2013, the day when I can't explain the excitement I am feeling inside. I felt like I don't have enough sleep but my energy was too high. At 8am I am already awake and waiting for the delivery of our souvenirs and flowers, we stayed at Great Eastern Hotel the night before our wedding. We had our breakfast and then our make up artist and photographers arrived to start the wedding preps, I think videos will be the best story teller rather than this paragraphs :-)

And here's a snapshot of our wonderful venue at Casa Espanol Garden Wedding at Mindanao Avenue Quezon City, together with our wedding cake baked by Ms. Hazel Ronquillo. Our color motif were blue and yellow. And along the hallways and around the venue we put meanings of Love as described in the bible.

The ceremony starts around 4:30 in the afternoon, and during the bridal march, my hubby serenade me with the song of Nyoy Volante entitled "Kapiling"....I really had a hard time not to cry because my make up might got messed, but thankful that it didn't even if I cried a lot during the ceremony hahahah.

The message shared to us by our pastor and my kuya was so inspiring, I can see in the video that all of our guests were attentive and really listening to the message. And after that time for our exchange of vows....again I cried, what do you expect I am a cry baby hahaha. The rest of the program follow, but there is one thing that we customized, the Lighting of Unity candle, since our venue was outdoor we thought that the wind might just blew the light on the candles so we thought of doing Sand Mixing instead. The white represents Jesus, the yellow sand represents me and the blue one represents him. Mixing of two colors of sands means that we are now united, but still the colors remains the same, meaning even if we are united our own identity, attitudes, characters remains the same :-)

And now the best part is the "You may now kiss the bride" part, the part f the program that everyone is waiting for, including me hahahaha. And picture taking of course.

Around 6pm the we started with our Reception program, the foods served were deliciously cooked, and we had so much fun on our program. Thanks to all who have helped us :-) Here are some of the highlights of our reception program.

Thats all guys, thank you for your time reading and watching our wedding videos.

Will work on my next post, our wonderful vacation in Palawan :-)


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