Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Day to Forever

A very special friend of mine celebrated her birthday last Sat, but it wasn't only her birthday the we celebrated, because it was also her BIG DAY!!! We've known each other since highschool but we have different sets of friends by then. We then go to same university and eventually became classmate from 1st to 4th year, this time we are really like sisters. We became so close that she was my thesis partner, I used to sleep over at their house and we used to sleep at the same bed squeezing ourselves, hahahah....can't forget those days....but as much as possible I don't want to think nor talked about it hahahaha that was one of the real struggle during my college days.

Enough of those college talks, we're both working now and I can say we're at legal age to get married, I guess...hahahah. I somehow know their love story and I've also know MJ, her husband, since then. That's why I am really happy for them when I heard the news that they are getting married, thought that I will be the first to wear that wedding dress...hahahaha but it's ok with me of course anyway I'm still young (ehem).

So last Sat was her wedding day at the same time birthday, but everybody is focused on the wedding that nobody or just a few greeted her during the progran and we didn't even sing birthday song. It was held at Kowloon House in Quezon City. The color motiff was Royal Blue....hmmm I remember I also think of this color to be our motiff. It was a christian wedding so the ceremony was held at the same venue.

It was past 6 when the ceremony start, as the music starts playing the bridal entourage starts to walk in the aisle. Everybody is wearing their best and smiling at the camera. And finally it's time to see the lady of the hour on her beautiful wedding dress. It was wonderful, the design of her gown was simple yet elegant looking and a little conservative since it is 3/4 sleeve although it's a see thru-laced sleeve.

She was stunning like a fairy, her make up was so natural, and MJ I can feel that he is nervous from where he is, mix emotion I must say, nervous and excited. I saw him before the ceremony startI and he was so busy polishing the program and making sure everything will be on its proper place while waiting for his bride, that was so sweet!

So sorry guys I didn't managed to capture the "you may now kiss the bride" moment hahaha so above is the traditional money dance, since they plan to go to Singapore after their wedding and look for a job there, they need monetary support instead of those appliances and stuffs like that. The food was excellent that there's almost no left over in our table so again no pictures at all busy eating ' was a simple program but not like a traditional one, her bouquet was not thrown away to all the single ladies, instead it was given to her maid of honor, Alps.

It was a fun-filled night and love is really in the air. Of course we will not let this moment pass not having a photobooth souvenir, hahahaha I'm just a picture addict.

Let God continue to be the center of your relationship Len and MJ, we were so blessed by your love story, another proof that our God is indeed a romantic God that He writes the sweetest and the most romantic love story for all of us. All the best to both of you...Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nash! Thank you for the overwhelming story.. will never ever forget where and when our friendship started. I love you. Your time with Tonzi will come, just hold on to your precious faith. God bless you.


Filipino girls said...

Congratulations to the both of you . the girl looks like a princess during that day .

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