Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Friday Movie Date

It was such a pleasure being a Nuffnanger, why because you get to meet friendly blogger, you can get invited to special events, and you can win Free movie ticket just like me :-) If I remember it right it was my 2nd time to win free movie tickets from Nuffnang and their sponsors.

Let's admit all of us girls when we were young were fans of those Fairy tales, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping beauty to name a few. So when I saw the trailer of this movie for the first time I told Tonzi that we need to watch that movie, so I grab the opportunity when I saw the contest of Nuffnang, I joined and I won!!! Yey! Last Friday June 1, I was on leave, one reason was that I need to use up my leave credits but aside to that I am also going to the free movie screening (yes you read it right it was free) of Snow White and the Huntsman. 

Since I was on leave and it was Tonzi's rest day we have the luxury of time to bond with each other, quality time is what I miss, because with his schedule right now we only see once a week during his rest day, but we never forget to call and text each other everyday so it can suffice the days we don't see each other.

us while waiting
The free movie screening was held at Shang Cineplex...it was our first time to watch there, it was like Ayala malls, event registration started around 8pm and the movie started at 9:30 I think, it was so nice to see Sarj and her husband Reil. Also I was so glad that I've met new blogger friends, Vance Madrid and Richard Mamuyac, though I see some familiar faces I don't have the guts to approach them....hahahaha can't believe I'm too shy.

tonzi, me, sarj and reil
tonzi, me, sarj, vance and her mom :-)
getting ready for the movie
We were so glad that the seats we've chosen was at the center of the cinema. The movie was really great, the traditional story of Snow white was there but there's a twist and added characters like the Huntsman, it was not mentioned on the old fairy tale that there was a huntsman to search for snow white.

Another great movie screening from Nuffnang and Skin White, aside to the free movie they have given us awesome products to try the Skin White Face Cream Powder and the Skin White lotion. Thanks to Sarj as well for the photos...hahahah

Quality time achieved!! Will wait for another free movie screening :-)


Steve niklas said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice post! Thanks for sharing this stuff.

Filipino girls said...

Nice article , congratulations in winning a free movie ticket your such a lucky girl. How i wish i could have same luck with you . How was the movie ?.. :D

Russian Girlfriend said...

Glad you had fun. Very cute pictures and beautiful smile! =)))

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