Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Two Families binded by Love!!

After telling to my parents our plan of getting married, we also set a date when Tonzi and his family will go to our house to formalized and to plan the details of our weddimg. Last Monday was my Honey's birthday, and this day was also one of the most important day for the two of us, wanna know why?? Because it was the day when our parents finally met each other...hahahah finally!! Yes you are right, for almost 5yrs we are together our parents haven't met each other yet....hahaha because Tonzi and I are total strangers before and so as our families, and there's no chance for them to meet during occassions. They went to our house to do the "Pamamanhikan" together with his whole family, we had dinner after they are being acquainted to each other. My Lolo was also there who came all the way from Nueva Ecija just to meet my future in-laws.
From left to right: Papa, Tita Matty (tonzi's mom) Biboy, Jr (his brothers) Tita Susan (his aunt) Arliza (his sister), Tonzi and my Lolo

Tonzi's tatay in green shirt; my papa in white

dinner time: Jr, Arliza, Me, Mama, Tita Matty, Tita Susan, Lola, Tonzi and Laveena (his cute niece)
It was nice to see our families having bonding time, telling their thoughts about the two of us, how they really love us and how happy they are that we finally decided to get married. It was one of the precious moments that I will forever treasure. Although we were not able to discuss the plan for the wedding because they were busy eating and knowing each other, it was still a fun-filled night. This is just the first time and many more gatherings will happen in the future.

The dishes that they cooked and brought was very delightful. We loved the foods so much especially my Papa whose hobby is eating :-) Mama also praised them for this kind of menus, she also love cooking, so I think cooking will be one of their bonding in the future.

Thank you Lord for our ever loving and supportive families. This two families will soon become one in 7months time :-)


Sey said...

Can I have crispy pata? hahaha, if got that one right. Sarap nun and I suddenly miss it.

At last your families met and it's a double celebration. Good luck and I am happy for you.

nash :-) said...

you got it right, crispy pata nga un hahahah...sobra sarap tlga ng mga niluto nila.

yeah at last talaga heheheh thanks take care always

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