Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wonderful MASTERPIECE!!!

As you all know I was engaged for almost a year now, and many of my friends, relatives were asking when is the BIG day....hahahaha relax guys you'll receive your invites soon...meanwhile I would like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful friends who did a really great job.

Last month our friend Cherrie, whose hobby is photography together with my 2 other friends Ket and Deo, asked me if we can be their model for the month of February, since it's love month they thought of making us their model...whoaaaaa it was such a surprise, of course we agreed hahaha this is once in a lifetime chance for me to be their model....hahahah it was just for fun at first since this is their hobby, but while the schedule comes nearer we thought of just doing the photoshoot as our prenup.

So last Feb 18, we went to Paco Park, and brought all the dresses and outfits that I have...surprisingly Ketket brought tons of wardrobes to choose from's really hard for me because I'm not into wearing dress, they patiently wait for me to dress up...10am we started the photoshoot and I'm proud to share to you their MASTERPIECE!!

Below are the photos taken by Ketket Gutierrez:

And here are Cherie Lutrania's photos:

 I still don't have the copy of photos taken by Deo Amarante, surprise daw....hahahaha

They were not yet professionals and yet their creations were superb!! We were really blessed to have friends like them, it was a big help for us in our preparation for the BIG day. More pics on my FB ;-)

God has never failed to surprise me all the time. He has given confirmations thru people around us for us to learn to Trust Him completely, and that's what we are doing right now.

To God be the glory!!


Sey said...

You are lucky to have friends like them. I love the photos especially the first 4 of the second batch.

nash :-) said...

thanks Sey, I am really blessed to have them...they have a hard time getting my perfect angle because of my chubby body....hahaha but it turns out very nice...ok na khit mataba ako sa ibang pics...

have a great day

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