Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Child in us!!!

Alright guys, thanks for patiently waiting for me to publish new posts :-) I've several stories to share with all of you but please bear with me if the date is too backdated :-) hahahah

Last July 30, after our team's night swimming at Pansol Laguna, we decided to go straight to Enchanted Kingdom, it was raining since Friday night but come Saturday morning sky was clear so we thought that we will be able to enjoy the rides. 11 am the park opens and we headed straight to the rides not wasting any single minute because anytime rain can pour down. Tonzi is still not there, but I already texted him to follow us at EK, so he rushed on his way, by 1pm heavy rain poured out and the team decided to go home, I was left alone waiting for Tonzi. Finally he arrived and we enjoyed the whole afternoon.

I thought that we will not be able to enjoy it because it is already raining hard, but I was wrong, I saw people wearing their raincoats, some really get wet while enjoying the rides. We changed clothes knowing that we might get wet on some rides, but to our surprise the whole Enchanted Kingdom was wet, almost all rides you will get wet, so we have no choice but to have a shower while on each ride.

That was my first time to enjoy EK in rainy season, and it was really I won't be worried the next time we go there raining....and finally we're all wet!!

Suddenly the child in us were awaken...hahaha. Special thanks to Ms. Reign for the treat for the whole team!!! Super enjoyed it!


mayen said...

that sounds fun. who cares if it rains when you can enjoy the day with your love and besides it romantic. you two are too cute!

nash :-) said...

mayen, you're right who cares if we all get wet....hahaha it's really fun, you should try it sometimes :-) hahahah thanks for always finding us cute :-) I'm getting bigger, nananaba na...hahaha

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