Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What can you give, In the name of Love???

Last Saturday, May 14, me and my fiance celebrated our 56th monthsary, and we decided to go to a place where we don't usually visit...hahaha so we went south...we went to Festival Mall in Alabang and ATC...thank you skyway for the super fast travel.
 Our plan is to watch movie and eat out, mall strolling and food trip...hahaha we stayed in festival mall just a short time and decided to go to Alabang Town Center, since we are planning to watch a movie. I was surprised when Tonzi told me that he wanted to watch "In the name of Love" starring Angel Locsin, Aga Muhlach and Jake Cuenca, he don't usually watched Filipino movies, I am prepared to watch Thor that day...hahaha he told me that he wanted to watch the film because it was Aga in the lead role and in all honesty, Aga's movies were really really awesome, full of emotions, nice stories, exciting twists and lessons to learn.

The movie was all about two people who are willing to sacrifice everything, even their own lives, just to save his/her one and only love.I was a bit bored at first though because of the dancing lessons until it slowly reveals the twists of the stories.

The characters being played by the actors and actresses were all awesome....credits to all of them, they were able to carry their given role. The story was somehow predictable in the end (happy ending, that's a clue for you guys) just like a normal Pinoy Teleserye, that the 2 lead acto/actress must end up together despite of all the problems they've gone through.

Are you sure you really want to know the story???? Don't let me share it here...hahaha I suggest you watch the movie, it's worth watching really. But I think there's still room for improvement :-)

After the movie we hang out around ATC, bought some foods and drinks, took some pictures and finally went home. That day was full of love and I just enjoyed it even we didn't do extra ordinary activity, aside from traveling all the way to the south just to watch a movie....hahahaha

Share your thoughts about the movie for those who watched it. 

"Kapag lumingon ka, akin ka" :-)

enjoyed our day!!


mayen said...

You and tonzi are adorable couple.

I must confess I never like Aga for reason I cannot tell. I just don't like him. lol. But I do love Angel Locsin.

I'm envious of the fact that you got a chance to go out on the date with your fiancee. I wish Jed and I can do that too every monthsary. Keep the love alive!

nash :-) said...

mayen - hahaha u really think we are....thanks *blushing*

I'm not an avid fan of Aga though, we just pick Filipino movies to watch...and unintentionally we watched most of Aga's movies...hahaha

don't worry girl, in time you and Jed will have that precious moment with each other...just keep loving each other.

yeah, let's keep the love alive!!!

ally said...

My mom wanted us to watch the movie later. I'm a fan of Aga, kaya go! hehe... Thanks for sharing a little bit about the movie! TC! :D

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