Friday, May 6, 2011

Fast Five Movie Night Out with Teleserv and Pinoy Blogger

Last Wednesday May 4, Teleserv organized a free movie screening of Fast Five (Fast and Furious 5) movie @ Cinema 4 Gateway Mall, Cubao. Since this was a blogger edition, Pinoy Blogger members were invited to attend the said event.

Registration starts at 6:30 pm, we arrived past 7pm already, we thought that we were already late. When we reached Cinema 4, we headed to the registration area and have my ID and my loot bag. Before we went inside the theater, we took some picture with the movie backdrop after that, we're ready to go inside, the friendly staff of Teleserv gave us our snack and drinks.

Time to go inside, when I saw the room, I was like...WOW!! I saw lots of bloggers, it was really a full house...good thing we still got a's almost full. We settled down and again took some pictures, we also saw one of my friend Sarj, she's with her friends also. Since it was my first time to attend a blogger event I don't know them yet, though I know them online because I'm a follower, we haven't met personally.
full house event (photo by: Pilipinas Teleserv)
To start with Mr. Raffy David introduced his partners in Teleserv and a brief history how Teleserv started and what services they offered. After that Mr. Ronnie de Vera, the man who sent us invites, do a short presentation about Teleserv. Some of their services are:
NSO Birth Certificate Delivery 
Imagine you can now get your birth certificate in 2 days delivered to your home/office. Isn't it great??? No hassle, no long queue of line. All you have to do is follow this simple steps: 1.ORDER via web chat at or call the Helpline (737-1111) 2.PAY online using your credit card 3. Ready to receive your NSO Certificates in 2 days!!! That was fast right!! You can also request for other certificates such as death, marriage and certificate of no marriage.

POEA Balik Manggagawa OEC Delivery
This service has made overseas exit clearance processing a breeze for vacationing OFWs over the years. The website allows OFWs to process their OEC without the need of going to POEA, so he/she can spend his/her time with his/her loved ones. It will help you know helpful tips and more information during your vacation here.This service is available nationwide and is coupled with an inquiry Hotline (737-7777).

DFA Passport Appointment System
This system is geared to expand passporting experience to every Filipino. Once you call on their Hotline (737-1000) or check their website at a free appointment service is available for you.Various information is loaded on the website such as passport requirements, locator map, and an appointment scheduler.

This are some of the service Teleserv's offer. Get to know more about the advantages that are in store for you visit their website

What a very useful services they have. After the presentation, it's now time for the Raffle!!! Yey! I was crossing my finger that I may win even a small consolation prize. The first set of prize were given 10 winners of Solar Energy, my name wasn't called so I still have the chance for the next prize...hahahaha!! Next in line 10 winners of Teleserv back pack bag (laptop bag), guess what??? My name was called, wohooo I won!!! I'm wondering why I am so lucky with raffles this past few days..hmmm *thinking* anyways time to call the 2 winners of DVD players and last but not the least, Mr. Ronnie announced the winner for the Ipod Nanno 6th Gen!!!! Yey congrats to all the winners!!!
backpack winners (photo by: Pilipinas Teleserv)
freebies: jacket, tumbler and back pack

our ID
So much with the prizes, it's now time to settle down, fasten our seat belt and enjoy the movie: FastFive (Fast and Furious 5) It was indeed a very successful and really a blast event!!! Till the next event, I'll make sure I'm gonna meet them personally...hahahaha


Sey said...

wow you got a backpack. Congratulations....wish I could attend one in the future!

quiti2x said...

sosyal! you're really lucky when it comes to raffles. hahahahaha see you tomorrow kapatid!

blankPixels said...

Congrats! Lucky you! I didn't win anything! *LOL*

Nice to meet yah, Sheena! See yah next time! :)

nash :-) said...

Sey - yeah I got one...effective ang cross finger hahahaha, minsan attend ka sabihan kita kapag may mga new events :-)

Ian - hahaha hopefully pati sa benta lucky tayo :-)

Ms Mhel blankpixels - thanks po, it was my pleasure to meet you po...yup definitely see yah next time po :-)

Event Lover said...

I was there too, kaya lang di ako nanalo hehehe. i really enjoyed the movie fast Five. And the services offered by Teleserv is two thumbs up.

nash :-) said...

event lover - hello thanks for dropping by...hahaha lucky lang at nabunot sa raffle...agree 2 thumbs up for Teleserv :-)

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