Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wedding Expo 18th Edition

Another awesome wedding expo!!! Again I was amazed with all the new ideas about wedding. We saw some new exhibitor on this expo and found some new ideas also from them. Since there's no raffle entry for an inquiry so I didn't bother to ask...hahahah

We just roam around get flyers and sign up on their guest list. One thing we are happy about was there were lots of photo you know what we did, after we got almost all their flyers, we went to several photo booths and took some pictures

Some pictures are not yet uploaded on the websites of the photo booth. Cute souvenirs from the exhibitor :-) Looking forward to attend to future bridal expos.


Sey said...

Nyahaha! I like those pictures. you two look good together.

mayen said...

cute picture.. love it!

Anonymous said...

nice!! photo booth pics.

nash :-) said...

Sey, Mayen and Mommy Raz - i love it too...hahaha thanks.

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