Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ocean Park's Musical Fountain Show

Ok guys, I've promised to make my post yesterday but I was so busy to do that. Anyways, I am so excited to share my experience.

Last Sunday evening me and my fiance went to Ocean Park to finally watch the Musical Fountain Show. At first we thought that it would be a plain fountain show just like the one you can see at Rizal Park. We arrived at the venue early because we anticipate that many people are going to watch. To my surprise I didn't see any que on the cashier so we went directly there to pay our ticket, take note, you will not pay anything else aside from the P99. Because it was still early we decided to eat snack first and roam around the place and took pictures :-)

Then 30mins before the show I can still see a short line in the entrance, so I was thinking, is this really a good show? why is it only few people are coming in? So before we finally came in we bought a snack that we will bring inside the place. And when we got back after 20mins I was surprise! the place is almost full....hahaha the line is getting longer, so I said to my fiance that we should've not buy the snack because we might not get a good seat. But thank God we still found a good seat in the middle of the stage.

The place was so big that I didn't imagine that it really can be full, but before the show starts it is almost full. Then we waited for another 15mins I think before the show finally starts.

Words can't describe how beautiful the show was, so I will just show you some pictures, although I have a video of some parts but I don't want to ruin your moment there...hahahaha. Maybe I'll post the video after the promo period so those who were not able to come can see some part of it, fair enough right???

That's enough I think, so all of you will be excited to go there and witness the show personally. Oooppss be sure you charge your cameras before you go there, mine went baterry empty in the middle of the show *sigh* so I wasn't able to record the finale.

Enjoy the show everyone :-)


musingan said...

wow.. I remember when we went there... heheheh... me and my mom and dad... naks.. just before I left for Saudi... namasyal kami dyan.. pero walang muscial fountain... I so love that... I remember Petronas Twin Tower.. in malaysia... meron din kasi sila niyan... libre pa...

Sey said...

Glad you had a great time and enjoyed the show.

Nash, I already have my SMS Coupon and my friends have it too. We were scheduled this Sunday and hopefully would have a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing this, if not I'll surely be left unaware of this promo.

nash :-) said...

Al - hahaha i love it too...maybe before when you went there it's not fully develop yet, but now there are lots of activities you can enjoy

Sey - Yey, you have your confirmation na...enjoy the show, share your experience on Monday ha....no worries on that, I also will be unaware if Pinoy Adventurista didn't share the info...so I just pass it on :-)

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