Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Night of Worship

First of all, sorry for the late post guys, I ran out of internet load....hahaha anyways, as I've mentioned on my last post, me and my fiance will be attending some events this month and so let me share with you what happened on Planetshakers' concert last Sat (March 12'11). 

We arrived at PhilSports Arena around 6:30 or 7:00 I guess, we are all excited for the concert to start, since we were too early we decided to take pictures in front of the stage, hahaha good thing we bought vip tickets and we were just 6 rows behind, it was too close on the stage. We took advantage the time where only few people have arrived and we took lots of pictures...

me and my honey :-)

together with our friends, who were seated at Row A, middle, very lucky to have that seat huh!
After that, we waited for another 1 hr for the concert to start....when the lights were turned off, everybody was screaming because the concert was about to start. Their front act was New Life Music band, I don't know from what church they came from but anyway they lead us on the first part of the concert. 

New Life Music Band
Then after the New Life Music band, we thought that the one who went up on stage was a member of Planetshakers, so again everybody screamed....but the girl who performed was named Jodi King, she was a missionary and she showed some videos of their trip.

Jodi King
Finally, front acts are done with their performance, so it's time to get up and worship with PLANETSHAKERS!!!

There's a funny part in the latter part of the concert, the band said that it was their last song and after singing that song they already went back stage, and the people were like, hey you aren't singing your famous single "Jump Around" so we already went in front hoping that they will get back on stage to sing that song. People were screaming "more, more, more" and we were right, they went back on stage to sing "Jump Around" People went crazy screaming and felt very happy. Think that's just their gimmick...they were supposed to sing that song in the first place, they just want the people to be more excited...hahaha nice one :-) Since we were already in front, we were able to take pictures while they are singing....hahaha a lot of people did that. Jump here and jump was really fun!! After that they have autograph signing for all their fans who bought their album.

one of their member signed an autograph on stage, sad we don't have a cd :-(
Every show must end, so after that last song, they really went backstage...and a night of worship was finished but the presence of the Lord is still overflowing, we all have an "after shock" with their performance. It was really an awesome night, I am very blessed!!!

Want to see some actual here. Hope you'll like it!!


Sey said...

wow! you're really blessed because i was too late to buy some tickets for their concert *sobbing*.

Anonymous said...

wow ang cute ni honey.. hehe! nice pics

nash :-) said...

Sey you should have come, there are some people selling tickets on the venue, I just don't know what seat

mommy-razz hahahah thanks po :-)

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