Saturday, March 12, 2011

We have claimed our prize!

On my previous post I've mentioned that we have won in one of the raffle promo from a wedding fair. And last Saturday we decided to claim our prize at the wedding library shop at Megamall. On our way to Megamall, we have a problem, one of the mechanics to claim the prize it to present proof of wedding or debut such as reservation from church, caterers or other supplier, and we don't have any reservations yet. 

Although we are not sure that we can claim our prize we still went to the office. But while walking we are practicing what to say to the staff if ever he/she asked for that requirement. Then we reached their store and we presented the raffle coupon to the staff....and then here's what we are avoiding, she's asking for some proof of reservations....I told the lady that we still doesn't have reservations because we are still canvassing for suppliers and the fact that there will be a wedding expo this March, I told her that we need to see first what suppliers can offer there before we book our reservations. She told me that she will just call the sponsor.

While waiting we just look for some invitation and give away designs to choose from. And finally the staff called me and asking for my signature. The sponsor allowed us to claim the prize even if we lack one of their requirement. Wohoooo!!! We were able to claim our overnight stay coupon at 9 waves.

The coupon is valid until May 11, 2011 only, just a perfect time to spend summer. How I wish I can win again on the new contest that we have joined *cross finger* it's a trip for 2 to Boracay!!!


Sey said...

That price is really a good way to start the summer uh! I'll cross my fingers too for you. Trip to Boracay for 2 is really awesome.

nash :-) said...

I agree Sey, it's a good way to start summer...hahaha thanks hopefully we win the trip to Bora

Pinoy Adventurista said...

congrats!!! =D

nash :-) said...

@pinoy adventurista - thanks for dropping by

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