Sunday, February 27, 2011

OMG! We Won!!!

I am still overwhelmed from the text message that I received earlier. I am in Nueva Ecija for my grandmother's birthday, just a simple celebration because her birthday is tomorrow but we can't make it tomorrow cause it's back to work. While I am sitting on the bench I received a text message that says:

"Congratulations! You are one of the winners of Weddings & Debuts 2011 Bridal Fair's Promo #3 Make an Inquiry, Win a Raffle Prize from our Exhibitors promo! To know your prize & how to claim, visit the Promos Section of Weddings and Debuts, you may also call The Wedding Library SM Mega...thanks"

Oh my gosh!!! I can't believe on what I just read, so I read it once again....hahahaha just to be sure. After absorbing the message I immediately open my internet connection on my phone to check on the site and to see what's in store for me, I am so excited, although I only have 2 options to choose from cause I only have 2 raffle entry....should I've known that I will win, I should have inquire to all the exhibitors...hahaha 

And so here's my prize: 

I never won at any raffle yet or if ever I won it's not really a major this one really makes me overwhelmed. Honestly I didn't expect to win because I only have 2 raffle entry and there were so many attendees during the fair.God is truly the God of surprises....thank you Lord for the wonderful gift :-)


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