Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Surprise

Heart's Day is over but it doesn't mean that we should stop celebrating or showing our love to our special someone. Last Feb 14, we celebrated Valentine's day and at the same time our 53rd monthsary, OMG! we've been together for 53 months already or simply 4yrs and 5months. Truly God is so faithful to us, He gives us love so we can give love to each other.

That day he has a practice with his AO1 band because they are invited to have a special number on Resonate church in Recto. While he was busy on their practice I was also busy preparing my surprise to him, it was not as big as his surprise to me when he proposed but I thought that the gift I bought will surely make him happy. I am really not into doing surprises, honestly I think this was the first time that I surprised him...hahaha I don't know, I can't remember...I'm so bad. He's always the one doing surprises, so this time I see to it that he will really be surprised. And so I went to SM Sta Mesa to look for an empty box, I bought one at papemelrotti, then I bought Cadbury chocolate. You might ask what will I put on that empty box???? hahaha there goes my surprise to him, I'll reveal later. So I'm good to go, I went to the church where they are having their practice. I waited until they finish, before we leave I get the box from my bag and told him that I have a gift for him. And so he was excited to open the box, he was happy to see the Cadbury chocolate inside BUT WAIT! there's more...he saw a piece of paper inside the box, thinking that it was a receipt he unfolds it and he was very SURPRISED on what he saw, wanna know what is it???? I bought a ticket for 2 to PLANETSHAKERS CONCERT in Manila on March 12, VIP seat!!!! Wohoooo, I was soooo happy when I saw him very SHOCKED to what he saw. He even brags about it to his band mates...hahaha because some of them can't make it. He then hug and kissed me as his way of thanking me.

Last Jan, I knew about the concert when I saw the poster on facebook, I then asked Olah, our friend, if Tonzi already bought a ticket, and she said Tonzi really wants to go but can't buy tickets yet. From there I decided to buy 2 tickets for us and will give it to him on Valentine's day as a surprised gift. I asked Olah if she still have some VIP tickets, she said yes but the seat is at Row M, it's quite far from the stage though so I tried to call SM Tickets to check if they still have available tickets, luckily they still have seats available at Row F. So I went to SM San Lazaro and bought it and keep it a secret until Valentine's Day!

After surprising him we just ate dinner and went home. A simple celebration yet a very memorable one. Doesn't matter what gifts you give or where did you eat, what matters most was we celebrated heart's day together, and that is very much enough for us :-) I love you so much Honey!!!


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