Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cute Couple Shirt :-)

Valentine's Day is approaching in fact 2 more days and it's Valentine's Day. Couples see to it that they celebrate this love day in any way they can from simple to amazing celebrations. Many gift shops are on sale on this season of love, a few days ago one of my friend told me that she ordered this couple shirt from one of our common friend and she told me to check her face book, then I saw this couple shirt in one of my friend's face book account, I find it cute so I also ordered one set of it.

I was thinking of a gift for my fiance, but can't think of any (hmmm quiet Olah if you happen to read this), so I decided to buy this couple shirt for the two of us. We are really not into this kind of mushiness...hahaha I just want us to try this one. Couple shirts are getting popupar now a days and we planned to buy one the last time we were in Divisoria, but we realized that for sure there are lots of couples who buy those shirt and we can have the same designs as the other. 
The designs of couple shirts from my friend is kinda unique because there are designs which I believe was her own design so you can't see it everywhere, one thing that made me decide to buy one...hahaha although my friend who suggest me to buy one I think we pick the same design but it's ok, there's only the two of us here in our place who have that design...hahaha

So here it is, hope he will like it as I do...hahaha

We should remember that everyday should be a "love day". Let us give love to every people around us and for sure life will be beautiful more than what we think of it.


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