Sunday, February 20, 2011

Awesome Event: Wedding and Debut 2011 Bridal Fair

Yesterday me and my honey went to SM Megamall to check the Weddings and Debuts 2011 Bridal Fair. It was my first time to attend such event, and that was so cool because I was hitting two birds at one stone, because my sister will celebrate her debut this year, so it's so timing to attend this fair.

We were there at 10:30 am, so not much people yet that's why we have time to roam around and make an inquiry to the exhibitors. Unfortunately he needs to leave me asap because he needs to go to work, good thing his work is just at the 4th floor of SM Megamall :-) Upon wandering around the halls I am very amazed with their set ups, photos, promos, invitations, cakes etc, didn't expect that it was that big. There were so many suppliers to choose from, some even have free trial hair and make up, but I didn't try...hahaha

The cakes are so lovely, didn't know that cakes now a days have those kinds of designs, whew! anything you can imagine they can make it into cakes, from the traditional cakes to amazingly creative designs of cakes. Also one of the things that captured my attention is the invitation designs, there were many non-traditional invitations to choose from. While I'm inside the hall, ideas are coming into my head and there I already have some themes on my mind for the BIG excitement increased again. The on site promos were also amazing since they have added some freebies that if you will purchase separately will cost you thousand of pesos....sadly we can't book yet...since we are still finalizing the date.

Today is their last day, and today they will also announce the winner of Hizon's Win your Dream and my fiance joined that online contest, who knows we will be the blessed couple to win and then our wedding will be all expense nice isn't it, but of course I am sure that there were many couples who joined the contest so our chance of winning is really very little :-) But still we are hoping, please Lord let us win :-)

Anyway even if I will not win to any of their promos, the fact that I have learned so many ideas for weddings and debuts are enough...I'm just wondering with all the brochures and contacts that I got from the exhibit I was thinking of putting up a small business in the near future, I want to be a wedding planner...hehehehe what do you think guys????


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