Saturday, February 12, 2011

Choosing the place to be....

Last Wednesday me and my fiance went to some garden venues for the BIG day...I will not reveal where is it yet because we are still on the process of canvassing...whew!! so many beautiful venues to choose from and but at the same time we think that we also need to adjust our budget :-) We are planning to have a garden wedding...

It's very tiring yet exciting...hahaha I'm so excited to see the venue, the way they set up the place, the bride and groom's room etc. Never did I imagine that it is this hard to look for a venue because of so many options to choose from we don't know what to choose. Upon reading some articles about choosing your venue for the event I've learned some key things to consider and some of those are:

1. Consider the weather. If you are choosing the venue of your special day, you must consider the weather of your event. If your date falls on Summer months then it's best for all venues, garden, beach, hotels etc. For me I think this is one of the best time to set your date. For Rainy season, better do your event on a covered place, if you want it to be held outside make sure you rented tents so in case the rain pours out you don't have to worry, make sure to think of plan B.

2. Consider your theme. Now a days events are more exciting because of the themes available to choose from. Of course when choosing your venue you must also consider your theme...if it's a beach wedding then look for a beach or a venue wherein you can feel the ambiance of a beach. Make sure that your theme is feasible to execute on your venue, well anyways good caterers can make your venue feels like you are in other places depending on the way they set up the designs, artworks etc.

3. Consider number of guest. Another thing to consider is the number of your guests, make sure that the venue you are choosing can accommodate your invited guest. You also need to have allowance or reserve tables just in case your guests are more than you expect.

4. Consider your budget. Oh well, I think this must be the number 1 to consider...hahahaha because even if how beautiful the place is and if it fits all the factors above if it doesn't fit your budget then you can't get the venue that you want. So make sure than you have a budget on your mind when you are canvassing you it will also not waste your time looking for so many venues and finding out in the end that it's not within your sad :-(

Those are the things which on my opinion are the most important one. Did I forget anything else to consider? Please share with me :-) Also if you know some garden venues please let me know badly needed...thanks in advance.


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