Sunday, January 30, 2011

Help, I'm Getting Married!

This morning after our 10am worship service, my Kuya Jon, our pastor, approached me and told me that he has the book with him. What book? you might ask...last week I was able to talk with him a minute or two about my wedding, he asked me how's the planning going on...I said it's really hard to start planning, gathering all necessary requirements and everything....good thing he told me (also his wife, Ate Che) that they have this book which helped them plan their own wedding. And so I was so happy when he told me that he's going to share it with me. To my surprise, he bought me one!!! Yehey!! 

The book is entitled "Help, I'm Getting Married! a manual for pastors, couples and wedding coordinators" by Dr. Eli Javier. I was so excited when I got home, I browse the book immediately and check what's in it. 

As I browse the book, I saw all the necessary information that we should consider in planning our wedding, from the date up to the venue etc. I am so excited to read this book, for sure I'm going to read it right after I made this post...hahaha that's how excited I am!!

Here are some of the chapters of the book:
Wedding Planner: A monthly guide on what should be done

This book will be a great help to me and my fiance, because there's a part of the book telling each couples what MUST be done in a months and weeks before the wedding. I believe this book will help us to plan that "Blessed Day" and be it under God's care. God is our "wedding coordinator" through His words we will follow Him and we will plan our wedding according to His will. Doesn't matter if it will take us months or years as long as it's God's will we are more willing to submit and obey Him. 

Our God is a romantic God, and He is also an organize God, everything He do is according to His plan, just like what He said in Jeremiah 29:11, this is what we are holding into as we plan our wedding.

"For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future"

This is not a book review because I haven't read it yet, although I want to make one when I finished, I am also not paid for this post :-) but I am encouraging every couple out there who are planning to get married to get a copy of this book. I know this will be a big help for you too.

Be Blessed everyone!!


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