Sunday, January 16, 2011

preparing for the BIG day!

After being engaged, most of my relatives and friends were asking me when is our BIG day??? To be honest, we have no final date yet as of today...hahaha, we know the fact that it's hard to plan a wedding but we didn't expect it's this hard OMG!! Even just choosing the date it's already hard to much more to decide the venue, the dress, accessories etc...Everyday I'm excited to surf the web to look for venues...there are lots of beautiful venues to choose from :-) We also have our wedding checklist, hopefully we didn't forget anything. We actually don't want to get a wedding coordinator, we just want to plan our BIG day on our own. Anyway we are familiar with events management and we have managed to organize little events as well, so there should be no problem. Think what we really need right now is consultant/adviser to whom we can ask for suggestions, recommendations, ideas and tips on how to make this event a memorable one.
Planning a wedding is not a joke, really, especially if it is YOUR wedding...hahahaha we actually don't know where to start, I've been asking my friends who just got married and those who are married for suggestions. 

So guys, any of you who can recommend local suppliers of cheap yet beautiful flowers, gowns/barong, giveaways, invitations and a nice venue. Please feel free to comment :-) your recommendations are highly appreciated.

We were gonna get married just once so we really want this BIG day to be one of the best days of our lives. As we continue to entrust that day to the Lord, we claim that He will be our provider of all the things that we need to make this possible!!!


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