Friday, December 31, 2010

I just love you so much

I will try to make a year-ender poem just for my Honey :-), hope I can finish it before 12am strikes :-)

"I just love you so much"
Everyday when I wake up, I'm thankful to God to have you in my life
A precious gift which can't be compared to any material things on earth
I can't imagine spending my days without you
Because I know that we're meant to say "I do".

Everyday when I wake up, it's your face I want to see
Your voice I want to hear, your hands I want to hold
I don't care where do we go to hang out
as long as I'm with you it's alright

As we end this year with beautiful memories
We will welcome the new year with cheers
My year was complete with you by my side
I just want you to know that I just love you so much

Whew! I made it....just a quick one :-) Happy New Year Hon!! I just love you so much :-)


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