Friday, January 28, 2011

My 2nd Blogger Award!!!

I am so happy to receive my 2nd blogger award!!! Thanks to my friend Sarah who was very kind to include me on her list :-)

So here are the rules for receiving this award:
  1. Thank and link back the person who gave you this award.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Award 15 great bloggers you know.
  4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.
Okay, here are 7 things about me

1. I am into sales...meaning everyday, what I look for is numbers/sales!!

2. I am engaged as of the moment and busy preparing for the big day :-)

3. I am reading a book right now, which I need to review and post on my other blog.

4. I've got a red inverted heart birth mark on my right arm.

5. I'm part of the IT team of our church.

6. Started blogging 3 months ago.

7. I love to watch movies, eat, malling, reading books and so on.

And now it's time to pass this award to my blog-mates namely:

1. Everyday is a new day
2. bouffe e bambini
3. jonhappiness
4. chalkboards to strollers
5. in the eyes of the beholder
6. kristy kay
7. My Life & my journey online
8. My daily notes
9. my tasty treasures
10. one + one = four
11. quiti2xspeaks
12. ever after
13. saved by grace
14. sikreto ng baul
15. pace through life

There you go guys!!! Now go and find your stylish blogger friends :-) Happy blogging


Hanna said...

thank you so much for the award! I'm so honored that you thought of me:)

Jonha said...

Hi ya! Thank you for the award ;-) Convertible to cash ba to? hehe Salamat talaga ha

nash :-) said...

@hanna - you're always welcome :-)
@johna - sayang nga hindi convertible to cash eh...hehehe hope to be one of your blogger friends :-)

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