Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas day plus Honey day

Christmas day for both of us were fun...In the morning I went to the church together with my family and relatives. After the mass was ended, they went straight to Tita Linda's house to celebrate Christmas while I went to Tonzi's house to celebrate Christmas with his family, though it was a short time, we had fun singing, eating and chatting, I've not seen them for a while that's why there's a lot of stories to share with. For the first time also I saw their little angel, his niece, Laveena who is very cute little girl on her nice dress :-) had some pictures taken.
me and baby Laveena
 Then late in the afternoon we left their house to go to my Tita's house. There we eat again, this was his time to mingle with my family and relatives. He also met Safi...our newest baby...hahaha we had a "photo shoot", photos were so cute.

They have some parlor games in the house and some dance numbers just to keep the night alive. When everybody's already tired we decided to go home :-) 

-= end of Christmas day =-


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