Thursday, December 23, 2010

Chirstmas with my Honey

Every year I am really looking forward to celebrate Christmas season, why?? Because this season I am with those people whom I really love...of course there's my family (Mama, Papa, Kaye, Kris and Lola) though we don't have much food during Christmas eve, a simple gathering is a very special moment for us.

And of course I am excited to celebrate Christmas with my fiance, Tonzi. It's been 5years now that we are celebrating Christmas together, being just with him is already a wonderful gift from God. Every year God's plan for us unfolds just like a gift that we unwrapped during Christmas. We receive God's unfailing love for both of us through the years and that's why we are so thankful for His faithfulness every single year in our relationship.

This year, Christmas is extra special for us, because we were already engaged...who knows this will be our last Christmas as girlfriend-boyfriend and next Christmas we are already married..hahahaha! We were really blessed to have each other, no material gifts can be compared to it. I am looking forward to many many years of Christmas with him...I just love him so much!!!


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