Sunday, November 14, 2010

So, how does he planned for it???

After the proposal, I didn't stop asking him how did he plan his proposal?? I asked when did he finally decide that he's going to propose? Why did he choose my birthday? Who are the people who knows his plan? I asked where did he buy the ring? but I didn't ask how much it cost, as per his request...hahahaha

Good thing he shared his original plan to me...the proposal that he made was actually not his original plan, that was his plan B. Ok here's the story behind that plan. He told me that August this year he finally decided and told himself that he will propose to me, but that time he can't think of any date yet. Then he thought of doing it during our 4th anniversary which was last September 14, 2010, but he thought that he wants it to be my special day, if he propose during our anniversary, that day was special for both of us....and so he thought of doing it on my birthday!

His original plan was, we will attend a youth event on Nov. 6, wherein they will play 4-5 songs as a special number, then at the middle of the program, he will play a video clip of us and he will call me in front and there he will make his proposal....when I heard this...I was so ashamed of my self because I was so childish, that's why it didn't happen. I should have not joined their meeting so that this plan was executed...hahaha if only! Thought that if this was the plan that happened maybe I will faint in front of the many youths watching us...hahaha it may add a little "kilig factor" since there are lots of youths watching and for sure we will hear crowds shouting and teasing us *blushing*

Like what I've said it didn't happen, so this was what happened why he need to do a plan B. Last mid October, their band had a meeting and I joined them. The meeting was about their schedule of gigs on different church events. They have a schedule on last Friday of October and on November 6...and that's my birthday!!! I was expecting him to react that time because we already have a plan where to celebrate my birthday, but he was just quiet and just accepts the schedule. So I was quiet listening to their meeting but at the back of my mind I am a little mad with him because I thought that he didn't remember my birthday at all. At the end of the meeting one of his band mates asked me to attend the said event...and I can't help myself, I told them that sorry I can't because it's my birthday and I have a schedule that day. So he finally remember our plan of going to Tagaytay. On our way home I was arguing with him, asking him why did he forget our plan...he said he was not feeling well that's why it slipped his mind. So I told him to tell the band the next meeting that he will not join them on Nov 6....and so he was forced to think of plan B!!!

And then he told me that during their 2nd meeting he already told the whole band that he's planning to propose on my he already bought a ring from Olah, one of the member of the band, they have jewelry shop in Ongpin, so he revealed to me that last week of October the ring was with him already. And first week of November he already told his family about his plan. And finally the most awaited date had come and there he successfully did his plan B.

In case you wanna see the highlight of the proposal, here's the edited video clip: The Proposal; this clip was posted on his facebook profile...again he surprised me doing this movie clip.
I told him that I am very overwhelmed with his proposal regardless of how and where he do it. As long as he's the one I see kneeling in front of me holding a ring and asking me to marry him...then I am more than grateful to that moment...still I am in a bliss whenever I remember that moment.


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