Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yes, I'm Engaged!!!

Hi there, I'm so excited to share this with you guys!!! Yesterday (Nov 6) was my 25th birthday, thanks to those who remembered and greeted me, love you all wanna know the story??? Ok then I'll share it with you. I'll make it short for you guys, because honestly I've been speechless also, so not much to tell...hahaha

Our plan is to just go to Tagaytay to celebrate my birthday, we arrived there around 10 in the morning....thank God for the good weather :-) We stayed at Picnic Grove, rent a cottage and rest for a while. Then we finally went to try the Tagaytay Ridge Zipline at it was really fun!!! We felt like we are really flying...hahaha good thing I'm not afraid of heights :-) After the zipline, we walked around the park and took some photos, sadly we were not able to go to the Taal Lake because the amount is quite expensive, and we have limited budget *sigh* but still we enjoyed the nature, we walked by the eco trail from one side to another....then we had our lunch in one of the restaurant there. After eating, we again walked and enjoyed the beauty of nature, the view of Taal was so amazing!! We walked back where our cottage is located, since there's no other activities there in the park we decided to go back to our cottage and took a nap!!

By 3pm we decided to go home, but before we finally leave the place, I went to the wash room to freshen up, and when I go out, he was there on the roof deck of one cottage where the view of Taal Volcano was very beautiful...he called me to go there, there's no other people aside from us, so it's like we were on a terrace and overlooking of Taal Volcano....what a romantic scene huh? I really don't have any idea of what he's going to do, when I went up the deck, I saw the camera on the tripod, thought we are just going to take pictures since the view was really really lovely...and then we started to talked....he told me that "remember you once old me that it was so romantic if we are showing our love to each other with nature as our witness?" and I said "yeah, it is" I was looking on the view then so I didn't noticed that he was getting something from his  pocket....and so he said, "I have a gift for you", and when I turned my head to see what was his gift, I saw a first I don't want to look at it because I can't believe I am seeing that thing....and then when I looked at him again, he was kneeling then...I'm about to cry by that time because I am so overwhelmed, I don't know  how I feel that moment....Finally he asked those four-word-question "Will You Marry Me?" and so my tears just flow through my eyes...I am speechless, of course my answer was "Yes!" And then he put the ring on my finger, we were engaged!!!! And the whole thing was SWEET!!!

It was my BEST birthday so far....I received the BEST gift a girl would ever want...I was with the BEST man whom I really really love...and we were at one of the BEST and romantic place in the Philippines!!! Almost perfect one...Who would have thought that I will be engaged on my birthday? Well it is only God, because He is the author of our love story.....PRAISE GOD!!! I LOVE YOU HONEY!!!


gRaCe said...

so happy for you pakner, natatawa tuloy ako hindi alam ni kuya sasabhn niya tlga nung bngy ko ung ring hahaha :)) nag tatanong kung ano magandang gawin alam ng ao1 band yan haha :p kaya nga waiting kami sa update ni kuya nun eh panay txt ko saknya haha :p kilig ako and sweet ni kuya ah, patingin ng video pakner, love you mwah... this is it! pinaka hihintay mo hehehe :)

nash :-) said...

pakner....grabe talaga ang feeling, as in no words can explain talaga...kayo talaga pinagkaisahan nyo ako ng banda ha...hehehe cge kapag di busy treat namin kayo ni tonzi...hahaha salamat pakner love you mwaahh

alley said...

wow! congratulations! Reading this article made me really smile. I haven't been engaged and currently not in a relationship. But I'm hoping to get there someday. lol! kinilig din ako sa story nyo.

God bless! :D

nice blog you have here... Good luck! :D

nash :-) said...

hi there alley, salamat sa time to read on our story...don't worry your time will come :-) just trust God c0z He knows the perfect time...please feel free to come back and check out my updates...hahaha

God bless you too...i will drop by your blog as well!

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