Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Write It On

During our first year, we usually celebrate our monthsary eating out, watching movies etc. one time my honey bought a huge monthsary card....as in huge!! It's size is bigger than my Dell mini...hahaha so cute...Every monthsary we usually text our message to each other and saved it on our mobile phones, but with this huge card I don't know how to fill it up with my messages....and so we decided that every month, during our monthsary we are going to write on that card until we almost write on every space.

Surprisingly, we were able to write on the card until our 1st Anniversary, it was so nice to read back the messages written there. The happy and precious moments were written there, once in a while I get the card and read all the messages, it simply makes me smile...remembering all our fundest memories and it was really fun. There are some details that I already forget but when I read the card, I used to remember it :-)

 Sadly after our 1st anniversary, we were not able to continue it :-( but of course we still celebrate our monthsary and Thank God right now we are at our 51st month (simply 4yrs and 3mos) and through the years we have seen the faithfulness of the Lord in our relationship. His grace, mercy and unconditional love truly makes this relationship stronger than before.


Profiling Your Dating said...

what a nice relationship, i also like to write my love expirience but not in love card, just on a simple diary book..
oh sir I found your blog from dropping entrecard, best regardss.. :D

nash :-) said...

hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog...see you next time, you can also check on my other blog


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