Monday, November 1, 2010

Original Poem As My Birthday Gift

A nice birthday gift??? It was bugging me that time, though Tonzi and I are not yet in a relationship that time, we were going out and he is officially courting me, July 23 is his birthday and I can't hardly think of anything to give him that I tried to sit down, get a pen and a paper and tried to write a poem for him...since, I also love to write poems (I'll try to make another blog for my writings..soon, hahaha) Ok so I started thinking and writing what I feel for him....and finally I was able to make a simple poem for his was my birthday gift for him last July 23, 2006....sorry it was 4yrs late of post :-) c0z I dont' blog before so I'm posting it here just you go!! hope you guys like it....

"A Gift from Above"

I've met many people and have many friends
Whom I can always count on and depend
For me they are enough
When the situation gets tough

But then the Lord let me know you
A man with a happy heart in everything he do
A friend that is always ready to lend a hand
A son that is very loving & caring to his mom and dad

I don't know what I did, for me to get a gift from above
Somebody who cares for me and showed me love
Somebody who is always there when nobody is around
Somebody I'll always be thankful that I've found

Now is the time for me to say thank you
I want you to know that I appreciate all the things that you do
Thank you for being so kind
I promise that I'll never leave you behind

We might not know God's plan for us
But as long as we trust Him, I know it will last
So let us serve Him and do our part
Because God knows the desires of our heart


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