Sunday, October 31, 2010

Holiday = Honeyday

Whenever there's a Holiday, we make sure that we see each other and hang out everywhere our feet bring us. So instead of calling it a "Holiday" we call it a "Honeyday" hahaha sweet huh?!

Some of the things that we do during "Honeydays" are:

1. Go malling

2. Watch movie.
3. Nature Tripping.  

4. Food Tripping.

But this past few holidays, he was stucked with his work, because he is working at the mall, they have work even if it's a holiday *sigh* so sad.


Missy said...

Stopping by from Welcome Wednesday. What a sweet story. :)

nash :-) said...

hi Missy, thanks for stopping by :-) thanks for liking our story, if you have time maybe you want to come back to read more of our story

and by the way you can also check on my other blog

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