Sunday, October 17, 2010

When Our Paths Crossed

So how do we meet??? some of you might ask....Ok then, i'll try to make it short for you guys so you won't get bored reading it...ready???

Oct 14, 2005 - I attended JREV (Jesus Revolution) at Word for the World church in Makati. I was with my college friends, but I will also meet there my clan mates. My best friend, Jomer, was the one who invited me to go there because they will be having an EB (eyeball, terms used by clans if they have gathering), so I am excited to meet some of them and put faces on the names on my phone :-)
That night I was so blessed with the program, the Lord speaks to me and to my classmates as well. Finally after the event, I texted Joms to meet me at the lobby, finally I met, Ate Rachel, Ate Marge, Tatay Jim, Kenjin and Tonzi....because that was the first time we met I am a little, yes a little...hahaha shy to them. I was introduced by Joms as Sheena. Here's the funny thing, Tonzi and I were regular text mate but he knows me by my nickname "Ladynash". I approached him and said "hi" he look at me bluntly...I don't expect that kind of reaction that time c0z when we text or talk on the phone he's so makulit and I just talk to other members because I don't see him interested talking to me....hahaha suplado effect! Hmmmpp

When I got home, I texted him and said "uy ang suplado mo naman sa personal kanina sa Jrev" then he replied "andun ka ba??"  i said "nyek...uu kaya andun ako, ako si Sheena"....I realized then that he didn't recognize me because I was introduced as Sheena that night and not Ladynash....hahahaha funny :-)

So that was our first meeting, a very casual clues that we will end up on a serious relationship...but there I realized that the Lord made a way for Our Paths to Cross :-) Now at least we know each other personally, and was able to put face on our names, one step forward!!!


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