Friday, October 22, 2010

-=we were Prayer Partner =-

I remember one time we had our EB in Cavite @ Ptr Gil's church. That day was just an ordinary day for both of us, we had so much fun together with our clan mates. Before we end our fellowship we were asked to find a partner to be our prayer partner....and so I am looking for someone to be my prayer partner, and to my surprise Tonzi went to me and grab my hands and told me to become prayer partner.

And so we prayed...that moment was very special (but not on a romantic aspect, hahaha) because we get to know each other deeper, aside from the basic information that we know (because it was sent on a group message when you are new to the group) we were able to know what are our hobbies, where do we usually hang out, what are the struggles we are facing that time.

pic taken @ Crossroad 77, Quezon Ave

Still, during that time nothing special for both of us, days and months pass by and we became closer and closer because we used to continue to be a prayer partner, would you believe that we both have different "crushes" that time, and we even tease each other (hahaha funny right?). Then we started to see each other, he invited me in some of their gigs, I was able to meet his office mates, he sometimes went to PLM to fetch me up (no idea why he did that, hahaha don't want to assume things). Many more happy moments follow.

Again, we started as a prayer partner, and I strongly believe that this was another "God's way" in preparation of our special role in the future (but of course I don't think of that during those time)


Thought Bubble Ten said...

Hi nash! Thanks for the follow and it's good to read your love story. I wish you the full experience of love always!

nash :-) said...

hi thought bubble ten, hope i can know your first name, thanks for following my blog. hope to see you drop by again in my blog :-)

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