Thursday, June 30, 2011

Waiter, Chicken pa please!!!

We celebrated our 57th monthsary last June 14, 2011...wootwoot!!! And we celebrated it at Max's Restaurant in SM San Lazaro...hahaha why do we celebrated it there???? It is because of Max's Chicken All You Can Promo.

Yes it's back! Chicken All You Can at Max's Restaurant is back from June 10 to July 10 6pm-10pm daily. We were curious to know how many chicken we can eat at one dinner, so we decided to eat there. When we reached the restaurant OMG!!! a there's so many people waiting for their names to be called, we have no choice since we planned to eat there we have our name listed.

At last after 30 minutes of waiting, we were called to our table, we ordered the chicken all you can promo and started to count how many chicken we can have. I still ordered for an extra rice because the promo doesn't include a rice just a drink, guess what?? we were not able to eat the rice, I think just 1/4 of it...hahahaha
We're done and soooo full...I've had 4 quarters of chicken which means it equals to 1 whole chicken and Tonzi had 5quarters of chicken....hahahaha nice one, think we had a good deal for this one. Now we know we can eat whole chicken in a dinner...hahahah

Happy 57th monthsary to us...hahahah!!!! More chicken, I mean months to come :-)


Anonymous said...

ang sarap naman niyan.. nagutom tuloy ako..:P

nash :-) said...

mommy you should try this before it ends on July 10, experience lang ba...hahaha

take care always mommy

mayen said...

aww.. my friend and I want to try that, but since we are both in the chubby department we decided to skip this one. I have a feeling i can eat as much as tonzi does.haha..

nash :-) said...

hahaha try it girl, it's fun...I'm also in the chubby department but tried this one...ahaha

i can't believe that i can eat whole chicken :-) go girl!

Sey said...

I'm too late for the greetings, but hey, Happy anniversary guys. My friend told me about the chicken all you can at Max but I wasn't able to go there. Poor me!

kalokang Pinay said...

Hey, happy 57th monthsary =) Bilib naman ako sa pagbilang nyo & pagcelebrate monthly =)
and wow, meron na palang ganitong promo ang Max! I love max fried chicken, at kung andyan pa kami ay siguradong nakikichicken all you can na rin kami! =)

nash :-) said...

Sey - sayang naman, don't worry may next time pa naman cguro...thanks for the greetings...missed you here in my site :-) take care always

kalokang pinay - thanks po sa greetings...we also love Max's chicken kaya di namin ito pinalagpas..thanks for dropping by :-)

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