Saturday, April 9, 2011

Where to spend our summer????

It's summer time again, me and my fiance are thinking where to spend our summer this year??? Last year we went to Baguio that was our first out of town ever and it was very fun and memorable. We don't usually go out of town, mainly because we both have works and we can't go out just the two of parents won't allow me, hahahaha!!

me and honey at summer capital, Baguio!!
We are thinking of going to a resort or beach with friends or with my cousins, though nothing has been finalized yet. There were so many resorts to choose from and I just love them all. We both love going into places to see and try new things. This coming July we are going to Davao with my college friends...yey!! I'm so excited. Time flies really fast so I will not be surprised one day when I wake up we are heading to the airport already...hahahaha that will be our first time to go out of Luzon together....I've been to Davao but it's work related so I didn't enjoy much, so this time I'm gonna make sure that I'll make the most out of it.

How about you my blogger friends, where are you going this summer???


musingan said...

ahhh... nakita ko na naman ang baguio ... gusto ko talaga pumunta dyan.. sana makapunta ako.. at tagaytay... huwaaaa.... sa bakasyon ko sana makapunta ako...

Kamila said...

I'm going home to a place where I belong!! hehehe napakanta? hehehehe :) Hope you enjoy your trip sa davao.. inggit much! ay di pa pala tayo close..

ngayong summer kahit isang beach lang okay na ko..hehhe gusto ko sa Pinas.. gusto ko na umuwiii

nash :-) said...

Al - go uwi ka na po...hahahah masarap tlga puntahan ang mga lugar na tulad ng Baguio at Tagaytay...ang lamig kasi....hahahaha kelan ba bakasyon mo?

kamila - wow ganda ng boses...hahahah taga saan ka po ba dito and san ka po ba ngyon? hehehe hndi pa nga po tyo close kaya sana makita kita plagi dito para maging close tyo...hehehe, uwi ka na din po sabay kayo ni Al :-)

Sey said...

I've been to Batangas, and planning to go to Baguio this summer though our priority is Cebu. hay sana maisakatuparan ang lahat ng balak di ba.

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