Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Philippine Wedding Summit June 2011 Cebu Dream Vacation for 2!!

Hello my dear blogger friends, sorry for not being active last few weeks, April's really a busy month for me since it's a very fast month because of the Holy Week, that only means that I need to finish my target as soon as possible....hahahah enough of that. 

I am here actually to ask favors from you guys, you know that I'm into joining contests of bridal fair..you know right??? hahaha so here's the thing, Themes and Motifs are currently having a contest for the Cebu Dream Vacation for 2...all I need to do is to get as many attendees as I can on FB, it doesn't matter if you are attendtng or not, you just need to click "I'm Attending button.For every 6 attendees that I have, I will get 1 coupon for the raffle entry to win the Cebu Dream Vacation, easy right???

So guys please help me and my fiance get many coupons, please ask your friends also to check on my FB link and Tonzi's linkand just click "I'm Attending" button even if you will not really be on the event. Deadline is until June 12, 2011.
Thank you so much in advance guys!! Love you all!!


Kamila said...

As long na kaya ang favor.. why not... :) Liked already! Glad I could help a bit!

Sey said...

Of course I'll do that for you. Give me some time to check it home because I am in the office right now. Will check it out later! Good luck!

nash :-) said...

Yehey!! Thanks Kamila and Sey!

mayen said...

I clicked I'm attending twice yours and tonzi's. good luck!!

nash :-) said...

thanks much Mayen :-)

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