Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Ultimate Vacation Certificate

Last March 12 we attended Wedding Expo at SMX Convention Center, during the event there are some ladies approached me to sign up on their raffle coupon, the one is trip to Disneyland and the other one is free hotel accommodation. So I just signed and continue to check on the rest of the booths.

Yesterday, while I am in the office someone called me from CLub Ultima. She said that she will just verify some of the information I gave their staff during the expo. So she asked some personal questions and I answered, while we are speaking I am really not sure if I already won on their raffle, so I asked her if she could just send me a message regarding the details.

I was so shocked when I received the message, it says that I won 3days2nights stay at Club Ultima or Crown Regency Hotel!!! Is this for real??? I haven't even used the other voucher I got from the other bridal fair and now I have a new voucher for FREE!!! Hahahaha this is really so unbelievable for me....I never expected that I will win again, I called my fiance immediately because we need to claim it together. 

So we went to their office, they have some presentation regarding the VIP membership, being a member of it is really good for travelers because you will save a lot. You can also give it as a gift, you can sell it, or even transfer it to your future kids.

This voucher is valid until June 22 only and valid in Crown Regency in Cebu or Davao. Hmmm we are scheduled to go to Davao on July, hopefully I can request for an extention...hahahaha

I was just thinking, when will I win the grand prize like Trip to Boracay or Free Dream Wedding...hahahaha but this is fine actually, I'm starting to discover that somehow I am lucky in "Lucky Draw" :-)


Anonymous said...

inggit much.. hehe!

nash :-) said...

mommy razz - wag ka na mainggit...hahaha :-)tsamba lang

Sey said...

inggit much din ako. I am not lucky on raffle draws and ticket entries. Poor me :( but I am happy for you :)

musingan said...

ay woiw.. nice naman.. 3 days... nice.. libre ba.. wala ba babayaran...?

Midge Mantis said...

So sweet! I'm def following!

Follow me!

musingan said...

ay woiw.. nice naman.. 3 days... nice.. libre ba.. wala ba babayaran...?

Anonymous said...

pati po ba pamasahe libre?as in lhat po ba? hehehe

nash :-) said...

anonymous, nope hindi pa included ang pamasahe :-) hotel acoommodation lang...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hi, The bf and I also got one. How was it? Did they give the no-show deposit upon checkout? Thanks!

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